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Welcome and thanks for checking out my little place in the world! Though I am an art therapist by trade, my secret dream was always to start my own small, creative business. As fate would have it, we adopted our first greyhound just days after I  finished my master's degree. While I began practicing art therapy during the day, I was creating art inspired by my greyhounds at night. Over time, I started to realize that my true passion and joy in life was to not only make art inspired by my greyhounds, but to make it for people who felt just as I did about our beloved houndies. And so, Beth Wade Design was born.
 My studios are my very favorite places and where I go to spend hours designing, creating and in general, making a mess. This is just a little peek into where I work and some of the things around me that keep me inspired.
Buckets o' inspiration come from my amazing greyhounds Oliver and Gus and my bridge angels Smiley and Peanut. You'll find these sweet peas in much of my artwork, particularly my quilts.
Oliver & Gus
Smiley & Peanut
Jewelry Studio
My jewelry workspace may be kind of like of work of art in itself-I am constantly changing the layout, painting and adding art to the walls. My big ol' butcherblock table is ground zero and where all creative things start. FYI-It's not usually so neat and tidy . . .  There is also a little photography station in the corner so that I can photograph and post new pieces much quicker.
Tools, tools, tools-a girl's gotta have 'em!
My bench shear and favorite tool-I can slice like a ninja with this baby!
My rolling mill allows me to make neat-o textures and build muscles at the same time!
Letter stamps & lots o'beads . . . staple items in my studio
Bits of inspiration sprinkled here and there . . .
I love to feel inspired by the actual raw materials that I use in my work. Here are chunks of natural sea glass and pebbles found on the nearby shores of Lake Erie . . .

Quilt Studio
In contrast to the hard surfaces and loud nature of my jewelry studio, my quilting space is all about soft textures and silence. This is the space where I surround myself with inpiration and nurture a sense of inner peace through hand work and slow progress.
My workstation is the most functional piece in the room, but is surrounded all that inspires me and brings joy.
A collection of both personal quilts and bears and beasties created by other amazingly talented soft sculpture artists.
It's just exactly what I do in here . . .
This quote says so much about who I am and why I create the art I create . . .
The little sewing machine that could . . .
Another piece of artwork that has touched and inspired me as both an artist and greyhound parent.
Why yes, there is actually fabric in my quilting room! It is all carefully folded (for now) and stored in my wicker basket wall.
A vintage sewing room plate salvaged from an old school is guarded by two wee bears.
And finally, just exactly what I make in this studio . . . art quilts.
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